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    Inch Type-Micrometer-head

    Micrometer - MHGS-FN type(Inch Type)
    Measurement range-0-2''
    ★ Front tip – Flate. Shaft diameter is used by allowable tolerance h6.;Round. As transferring device, sphere type could decrease errors caused by slanting of mounting portion of micrometer to minimum.
    ★ Installation way – Lock screw, it is simply and firmly locked.;Set screw, locked and welded process. Attached screw type, recommended thickness 6mm
    ★ Scale par finish:Hard chrome-plating
    ★ Gauging plate:SKS3(Hardness:above HRC60)
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    Model No.

    Measurement Range (mm)

    MHGS-FN-1/2 INCH

    0 ~ 1/2 INCH


    0 ~ 2 INCH



    PurposeThe micrometer type is particularly for high accuracy positioning devices, such as optical instruments, precisely fine tuning stages, various machine tools, gauging instruments, precisely positioning devices, fixed amount transmissions, etc.
    Micrometer SelectionThe considerations of selecting a micrometer might be including gauging range, the shape of gauging face, shaft, and the size of reading axis. Selections should be based on purposes.
    Gauging Plane Selection

    The shaft is designed with the most suitable dimension for the body using an allowable tolerance h6.

    Once the instrument be used for gauging purposes, it is generally suggested to use the plate type; for transferring purposes, using the sphere type could minimize the errors.



    The heads of the micrometers are classified by their forms as the type of lock screw and set screw.


    Feed Position


    Characterisitc of Different Guiding Type


    The Main Feeding Mode of Mini Stages