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    Ball Retainer GB

    Ball Retainer ★ Usually in light load, high speed ★ Material - Phosphoy bronze(C5191) ★ Guide code Ex:GB0310, GB=Ball, 03= diameter, 10= ball numbers
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    Introduction of Crossed Roller Slide Rail Set-Roller type

    ♦   GRV / GRD / GRV-S / GRD-S / GRVG / GRVG-S / GRVP / GRDP are composed of precise crossed rollers with hardened steel formed precisely to be V-grooves rail guides to create linear motion element in high accuracy.

    ♦    Limited stroke linear motion system with high rigidity, mid-hard load and spry moment.


    Introduction of Crossed Roller Slide Rail Set-Ball type

    ♦    GBV&GBD are composed of ball retainer combined with precise balls bearing arranged in smaller clearance, with the exclusive rails been heat treatment and cryogenic finish, then, forming precisely grinding V-shaped grooves.

    ♦    Limited stroke linear motion system with low friction, light load and high accuracy.





    Suited to micro-movement

    Due to tiny friction resistance and almost no difference between starting friction resistance and dynamic friction resistance. In case of tiny movement could also maintain correct trace perform high precision on the linear motion mechanism.


    Stability in low speed

    Even in case of light loading, its variation of friction resistance is also tiny, so stability from low to high speed could be kept.


    High rigidity、high loading capacity

    Comparison of roller and ball bearing, larger contact area、less elasticity deformation, and non-circulation, great number of units rotating effectively, so high rigidity and large load capacity.


    Low noise

    GMT Crossed Roller Slide Rail Set has no circulated rotating, no noise occurred. Using roller slide way with roller retainer makes no noise caused by contact friction in between each rolling unit moves alternately, to ensure a quiet movement motion.


     Accuracy specification




    Selection Procedure- Crossed Roller Slide Rail Set

    1.      Rolling element retainer selection upon load request:

    2.      Heavy duty → roller or light duty→ ball bearing. 

    3.      To decide "rolling element diameter"

    4.      Model type selected per installation way.

    5.      Specification confirmed.

    6.      Material selection per environment:SUJ2及SUS440C


    GMT Crossed Roller Slide Rail Set

    Composed of two pieces of stainless steel rails with V-grooves, been hardened and ground forming precisely, and rolling elements. Roller type moves in connective 90 degrees alternately to meet requirement of high parallelism and high latness. In construction, rolling elements are transmitted in cross-contact by precise roller and V-grooves in rails, and in non circulation. Variation caused by friction resistance is little as well, even almost no difference between starting friction resistance and dynamic friction resistance in light duty. High accuracy moving and loading capacity could be performed.


    Crossed Roller Slide Rail Set Application

    Wildly applied to accuracy moving device in heavy duty or light duty、in variety of measuring instrument、Printed Circuit Board drilling machine…etc, or slide table used in Optical Measuring Instrument、Precise Gauge in Optical Experiment、precision fine tuning Optical Stage、Operation Mechanism、Survey Device, precise positioning, quantitative movement、X-ray Device & Micro-hole EDM.



    Linear motion needs effective lubrication. Abrasion increase of rolling elements and life decrease would be caused in running without lubrication.

    Function of lubrication:

    1.      Reduce friction between running parts greatly, so that it could prevent lock and decrease abrasion.

    2.      Forming oil film on rolling surface to reduce abrasion of metal medium to extend life of rolling elements.

    3.      Covering on metal surface to prevent rust.