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    Small size, easy to operate Constant current control Reverse connection protection of power supply Drive current 0.2A~2A Automatic current drop can be selected Very low power loss, high switching efficiency Wide range signal force, no current limiting resistance and no switching 8 kinds of differential cuts can be selected


    Small, low priceThe 12 section microstep angle settingInput voltage DC12V~40AHigh performance, high torque outputAdvanced angle balance principleDrive current 0.5A~4A


    ★Selection for 1~250 micro divisions.
    ★Switch for two kinds of division externally.
    ★Small volume, Simple controlling.
    ★Reverse power connection protection.
    ★Signal input range: DC5~24V. No need to connect current limiting resistance.


    ★ Variable torque control mode
    ★ Four drive modes and three control mode are available
    ★ High speed, High torque
    ★ High-precision position positioning
    ★ High reliability system
    ★ High response
    ★ Low heat generation and energy saving
    ★ Shorten the setting time when stopping
    ★ High-speed position interception and output comparison
    ★ Position motion control mode


  • ★Low-voltage DC input in the range of 24~48V.
  • ★Miniaturized design: The volume of the driver is reduced, saving the space for the distribution and wiring.
  • ★ Pulse control mode: It has high-speed impulse and open-collector interface, taking into account the compatibility of old and new systems.
  • ★With absolute accuracy correction Eror: It is input with optical ruler and corrected by laser interferometer to improve the absolute positioning accuracy of the slide table.
  • GTR515B

    ★DC24V Input power.
    ★The case adopts closed structure which can avoid improper intrusion of foreign objects and has high safety.
    ★The RUN/STOP current adopts digital circuit, and the accuracy of current adjustment is high.
    ★With self-test and TIMING functions, it is easy to check and use.
    ★The internal self-resetting fuse can provide complete protection even if the positive and negative polarities of the power supply are connected incorrectly.